Each mushroom contains fungal beta-glucans. These beta-glucans ultimately impact the body in different ways; therefore, each mushroom will provide different benefits. If you are new to mushrooms and not quite sure what benefits you are looking for then our Ultimate Mushroom Complex is a great place to start for overall health and wellness.

If you are looking for a specific benefit found in one mushroom then it is likely better to take a full dose of that one specific mushroom. Many people will take our Ultimate Mushroom Complex and one pure mushroom if they are looking for one specific emphasized benefit.

To learn more about each individual mushroom, please check out our “meet your mushrooms” page here. We also created a learning section on our website where you can find information on the benefits of each mushroom. This is a great place to start especially if you are looking to see which mushroom is the best fit.

Mycology Press has great information about mushrooms as well. With all the information floating around the internet we found that they have compiled some of the best research that has been done on medicinal mushrooms.



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